How do we review these piano teachers / schools?

  • We send ‘mystery shoppers’ to find out more
  • We investigate and attempt to verify the qualifications and experience of the teachers
  • We research and take into account every single review posted on the web for each teacher / school (whenever possible)
  • We attempt to contact students of the teachers for their own anonymous feedback (whenever possible)
  • We gather all the essential facts you need and make an overall assessment

If you have been taught by any of teachers or studios listed on this website, we would love to hear from you with any feedback. Or if you want us to review a teacher or school not listed here, contact us.

DISCLAIMER: Despite all this time-consuming research, our appraisals and reviews are a matter of opinion. We advise you do not base your decision entirely on our recommendations. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the factual content of our reviews and are not responsible for the choices you make. Please make your own judgements before committing to a piano teacher long-term.

Ian Flint 9.1/10

WEBSITE: EMAIL: ADDRESS: 80 Goldsmith Road, Friern Barnet, London N11 3JN PHONE: 020 3524 1245 Last reviewed in Aug 2017 FACTS: Private teacher specialising in adults EDITOR REVIEW: Ian is a...

Sokol Piano Academy 9/10

WEBSITE: EMAIL: ADDRESS: 28 Arkwright Road, London NW3 6BH PHONE: 020 7431 6536 Last reviewed in Aug 2017 FACTS: Small team of sought-after professors led by Georges Sokol, a renowned...

West Kensington Music Team (WKMT) 6.3/10

WEBSITE: EMAIL: ADDRESS: 40 Kensington Hall Gardens, Beaumont Avenue, W14 9LT PHONE: 0207 101 4479 Last reviewed in Aug 2017 FACTS: Twenty teachers who teach in West Kensington,...

London Contemporary School of Piano 6.9/10

WEBSITE: EMAIL: ADDRESS: 10 Portman Square, London W1H 6AZ PHONE: see website Last reviewed in Aug 2017 FACTS: Three teachers who teach at the Bluthner Piano Centre, from...

City Academy 5.6/10

WEBSITE: EMAIL: ADDRESS: Arts Theatre, 6-7 Great Newport St, London WC2H 7JB PHONE: 0207 042 8833 Last reviewed in Aug 2017 FACTS: Two group courses: 'Beginners' and 'Improvers'.... 7.4/10

WEBSITE: EMAIL: ADDRESS: Southwark, SE1 9NX PHONE: none available Last reviewed in Aug 2017 FACTS: Headed by Japanese pianist Mayuko Yamashita, this piano school has six...